Hello, my name is Michael and I’m now semi-retired. After spending a working lifetime in sales, traveling all over Britain and Europe I decided to wind down. However, I soon became bored and knew that I needed something to keep my brain stimulated. Whatever I would decide on, my aim was to work from home. After all, I think I had done my bit by working for other people and I had certainly had enough of stopping in hotels! This time, it was going to be for me, on my terms, but the big problem was knowing what to do.

I spent a long time searching the Internet looking for the right opportunity and made plenty of mistakes. I lost count of the number of “Business Opportunities” that I sent off for. Without exception, they all sounded great in theory but failed to live up to their promises. Time after time I parted with my hard-earned cash, only to find that the only winners were the publishers of the sites. I won’t go so far as to say they were con merchants, but they were certainly economical with the truth! If the above sounds familiar, then read on.

Why I launched This Website

By chance, I discovered something known as affiliate marketing, which is a method of making money online, and it has changed my way of life. I had heard of it some years ago but never knew how it worked…it all sounded too complicated. But once I was shown the correct way to go about things, I never looked back.

It has enabled me to set my own hours & work from wherever I want.

As I said, I no longer work full time, but my travels have taught me that thousands of people are looking for an enjoyable and profitable way to earn a living. And a great percentage of those people are women. There are no set rules on individual circumstances, but it could be that you are a stay-at-home mother, or an individual who has a couple of hours a day free, perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or someone who simply needs more income. Whatever your circumstances, I strongly advise you to take a serious look at this.

By launching this website to help share information about affiliate marketing with others (including you!) I felt it would be a good way to help people get started so they could potentially change their lives too.

The basics of affiliate marketing are simple. You find a product (that has been created by others) to promote, you sign up to the affiliate program, you promote it to others & you get paid commissions in return.

How I Aim To Help You

The process of affiliate marketing is easy, as I mentioned above, but in order to find great success with it, you need to know how to effectively promote your links online.

And that’s where I can point you in the right direction.

By following the information on this website, you will in effect “have your hand held” as you start from scratch and slowly build up your knowledge and income.

So now that you know about me & the website, feel free to read my latest articles.